Discover the beauty of Slovak mining towns!

Silver Banská Štiavnica, golden Kremnica, and copper Banská Bystrica - three mining towns that will take you back to our region's rich history. Discover it with a professional guide! Historical guided tours. Stories, facts, and discoveries that will make you fall in love with Central Slovakia!

Banská Bystrica

The Barbican - the Leaning Tower, or a panoramic view of the town from the hill Panský diel! The town of Banská Bystrica offers experiences for everyone - lovers of history and hiking. Discover the story of one of the most successful mining company of the Thurzo and Fugger family and follow in the footsteps of the mining work in the Spana Valley. As an old saying goes: "Alive in Bystrica, after death in heaven."

Banská Štiavnica

Do you know the story about the shepherd and the lizards with gold and silver dust on their backs? They say that the big mining town's story began somewhere around then. The town of tajchs and silver will win your heart. Wander the town's streets and feel the mystery of the mining activity in the area. And you might even find an inconspicuous entrance to the mining underground.


For decades, Kremnica has been at the head of a confederation of seven mining towns as the main mining town. The Mint, in operation since 1328, is still preserved. If you plan your visit well, you can also catch exceptional cultural events like the Kremnica Castle Organ or Music under the Diamond Vault. 

About me

The number of languages you study is equal to the number of universes you explore. These universes are filled with history, books, journeys and the rich enchantment of diversity. So as I immerse myself into stories of past and present, I become a part of the fabric of each place.

My own stories meld with the stories of each treasured location.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to present the historical tapestry of each city and its changes over time.

The city tour with Marta Lomnicka was very interesting! She showed us the highlights of Banska Bystrica and was able to give a lot of historical background about the buildings, the city and the whole region. Here knowledge was very deep and she could present this in a very informative way. I really enjoyed this city tour and I can definitely recommend Marta for it! I had a great afternoon!
Tobias Dust
I have lived in Banská Bystrica almost all my life, but only recently I have got to know the fascinating history of our city. It is admirable how much Marta knows about Bystrica and how many facts she knows. As we walked through the centre, she told engaging stories and pointed out details that I had missed for years. A sense of pride has grown in me and I love doing "you-must-see" advertising for our city abroad.
Marta guided us around Banská Bystrica and Banská Štiavnica. She has a deep interest in history, she knows how to put things in context and like any good tour guide she knows a lot of fun and juicy facts, so we were really not bored!
Czech Republic

Translation services

Need help with translating documents? Are you looking for an interpreter for your clients?

Translation and interpreting services for the Italian language with many years of experience!

Since 1993, translator on the basis of a trade licence - Italian language

Since 1998, official translator and interpreter in the register of the MSSR for the Italian language

Types of translation

  • Technical texts in the field of technology
  • Legal and judicial documents
  • Economics
  • Medicine
  • Administrative and commercial correspondence
  • Úradné listiny ako sú matričné dokumenty, doklady o vzdelaní, osvedčenia a mnohé ďalšie

„ A foreign language opens the door to new worlds. “

The translation of opera libretti is a specific problem in which a translator has to deal with unique themes, language that is not common, and, moreover, the text contains archaic expressions that are often unknown today.

For this reason, providing quality translations from Italian into Slovak (vice versa) has been a long-standing problem for the State Opera. However, we finally found an excellent expert, Marta Lomnicka, with a great bonus - she is an opera lover.

We entered into a collaboration and over the years she has translated for us, for example, Giuseppe Verdi's rarities Corsair, Joan of Arc, and his opera hits Nabucco, Macbeth a Don Carlos.

For the first time in the history of opera in Slovakia, unknown works by Gaetano Donizetti (Maria Stuarda, Poliuto and Maria Padilla), Giacomo Rossini (Otello), Vincenzo Bellini (Beatrice di Tenda) and Umberto Giordano (Fedora)were presented in collaboration with Marta Lomnicka. She also takes credit for the new translations of a number of other well-known Italian operas that have been translated long ago.

She provides us with simultaneous interpretation during the study processes of opera titles with foreign artists - I will mention at least the preparation of the opera Maria Stuarda, the operatic double titles Aleko and Iolanta, and The Peasant's Honour and The Comedians, as well as regular cooperation at press conferences and in the translation of licensing agreements. Marta Lomnicka is the type of responsible and research-oriented translator who works with precision and time reliability. I can only recommend her services. 
Alžbeta Lukáčová
Dramaturg of the State Opera
Mrs. Marta Lomnicka, RNDr., completed several interpreting assignments with our company in German, English and Italian between 1995 and 2022. She has always been thoroughly prepared in advance for each interpreting assignment. She has studied the subject matter of sewing machines, creative techniques, technical parts and components of sewing machines in advance. The terminology is very specific and often difficult to find, because the interpreter must not only know the correct name of the subject, but also have an idea of its overall function in the system. In this field, she has produced numerous translations of sewing, embroidery, serger and quilting manual for us. She has also interpreted in the economic and marketing field to our highest satisfaction. We highly recommend her services!
Ing. Arch. Anna Zimová

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